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Set of 6 Cars and Peg

A Set of 6 rainbow peg people Skandico with 6 wooden toy cars for every doll - is the cutest set of 3 different colored smiling gnomes with light pink cheeks and 3 crafted wooden cars.

Every fairy gnome has his own cozy cap sewn by fairies hands from fabulous woolen fabric.

Children are very fond of fairy gnomes! They are very cute, pleasant to the touch and painted in beautiful colors, their faces are painted by hand, they have the same color hats which are sute for every gnome. The youngest children love to shoot and dress the hats on gnomes, training the motor skills of small, sometimes not too docile handles!

Rainbow peg people Skandico have the most suitable size for children's pens, they are not large or small, but simply ideal in all respects toys with a soul.

The size of the gnome (without a cap) (dxvxs) is 3.54 inch x 1.18 inch, There are 3 gnomes and 3 cars in the set.
The material is the Russian lime wood, dyed with non-toxic watercolors..