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Lion Puzzle Vibrant Color

The “Triceratops” puzzle is made in the shape of herbivorous dinosaur called Triceratops🌟The Triceratops puzzle consists of the 42 different pieces of the linden wood. All the pieces of the Triceratops puzzle have been carved from different wooden blocks but all them fit together very precisely forming dinosaur face shape.

All the pieces of the “Triceratops” puzzle have different shape with a great quality woodworking, it is very delicate work and it takes a lot of time to produce 1 Triceratops puzzle.

Each Triceratops puzzle is absolutely unique because it is handmade and because of the unique wooden texture on each wooden pieces of the Puzzle. We use eco water based colors made in German for painting all of our toys. Paint has EN-71 certification and was created a long time ago specially for the wooden children toys.

🌟 The Triceratops puzzle helps every child to increase his imagination, balance, fine motor skills, and creativity.

🌿The Diameter of the puzzle is 38 cm , thickness is 3 cm.
🌿Material - Russian linden.
🌿Paint (coating) - EN71 certifiedWater-based colored colors (Germany).
🌿Made in Russia from Great Russian wood with love and soul