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Sharome Hand Held Drum

A drum that is mainly played with one's hands or fingers, rather than with a stick, mallet, or another beater. The bead attached to the string makes the drumming sound when you rotate it.

Benefits: Drumming blends physical activity with auditory and visual input, making it an excellent tool for kids to develop various abilities. Drumming  multisensory, promoting better engagement, learning, brain function, and skill development while having fun!


  • Material: plwood and sheepskin
  • Age: 3+

Warning: Choking Hazard - 

  • This toy contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3. Please supervise your child at all time when playing with this toy. The beads can dislodge from the string. Play with supervision only. 

Please Note: It is normal for there to be some variation in paint color, wood color, and small size variations. Additionally, it is normal for there to be some imperfections in the coating of the paint and/or for the paint to rub off between toys.

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