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Individual Resin Bee Lifecycle Specimen (Free Shipping)

This real life life cycle of a bee is encased individually in acrylic resin and provides a closer look to each stage of the life cycle. This is a great learning tool to teach kids in stunning detail about the insects life from egg stage, to adult honey bee. In addition to the bee life stages, this set includes Queen bee, worker/drone bee, pollen, honeycomb, beeswax, and honey samples! The wooden flash cards (optional) and our magnifying glass (not included see link below) will be a great addition to the set to encourage children to investigate, research, and answer their own curiosity. 

Material: Acrylic, resin, and real specimen.


What’s Included:

Option A: Lifecycle specimen only (5)

Option B: Lifecycle specimen (5) plus downloadable flashcards   (pdf copy will be emailed) 

Option C: Lifecycle Specimen (5) plus wooden flashcards (5). Flashcard dimensions are 4x6 inches. Each set comes with 5 piece wooden flashcards with brief explanation of each stage and the 5th card is the overall summary of the lifecycle.  No electronic copy is included for this option.

You can also find our magnifying glass here in Large or Small sizes!

Testing: All Resin products were tested to meet or exceed ASTM F963-17, CPSIA,CSPA standards. They were also tested and found to be BPA free, Phthalate free, and Lead free.