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Percussion Instrument Set (11 instruments) free shipping


Wooden Maracas - A pair of gourd rattles. They are oval or egg-shaped and are employed as musical instruments. Each gourd has a handle that not only serves as a shaker but also serves as a seal for the noisemakers.

Benefit: Maracas are excellent for developing auditory and visual abilities because they create a sound when manipulated.


Hand Drums - A drum that is mainly played with hands or stick. 

Benefits: Drumming blends physicalis activity with auditory and visual input, making it an excellent tool for kids to develop various abilities. Drumming  multisensory, promoting better engagement, learning, brain function, and skill development while having fun


Castanets - A percussion instrument made up of two tiny shells of wood that are generally attached to the thumb and clicked together by the other fingers. They are presently utilized mostly in flamenco dancing, music, and occasional symphony music. 

Benefit: This toy will help your baby's motor skills grow since they will have to link the movement of their fingers to the sound of the castanet, as well as their visual coordination, which will help them develop their senses.


 Flutes - A cylindrical woodwind instrument that is played by blowing through a specially-shaped hole to generate a vibrating column of air whose pulsations we experience as sound. 

Benefit: It improves good posture, correct and healthy breathing, core strength and control, and finger dexterity, among many other health advantages. Flute demands a great level of patience and discipline, all of which are required for academic success.


CYMBALS - A musical instrument made out of a slightly concave circular brass plate that is hammered against another or whacked with a stick to produce a ringing or clashing sound.

Benefits: Among the advantages of utilizing cymbals from a young age are the development of hand-eye coordination, the development of a musical ear, and the acquisition of a good sense of rhythm.


BIRD WHISTLE - The birds whistle is built in a basic closed flue pipe style, with a tube leading to a sharp lip (labium) that divides the air stream to produce the whistle sound.

Benefits: Teach kids to appreciate traditional toys that are not electronic, computer-controlled, or mechanized. As a kid plays with the bird in their bath or during leisure time, it helps to build their imagination.

XYLOPHONE - is a musical instrument in the percussion family that consists of wooden bars struck by mallets that are graded in length to form the musical scale and played by striking with two small wooden hammers.

Benefits: A xylophone can teach a child about different tones and pitches of the instrument; stimulating their mind on a completely different level to an ordinary toy as they learn the different notes of each key.


AGOGO BLOCK - is a single or multiple bells that are currently used all over the world but has its origins in traditional Yoruba and Edo music, as well as samba baterias (percussion ensembles).

 Benefits: Because their bodies are hollow, agogo woodblocks make a powerful sound with little effort from the player. They are an enjoyable and simple approach to expose children to the ideas of beats and rhythms.

Triangle - The triangle is a sort of idiophone musical instrument that belongs to the percussion family. It is a triangle-shaped bar of metal.

Benefits: Playing the triangle can encourage imaginative play and storytelling through sound effects and increase listening (and hence, reading) skills.


Chime Bar - Chime bars are a musical instrument in the percussion family that is used to add color to music; their impact may be beautiful and ethereal. It is also known as the chime tree and the mark tree. It features numerous metal cylindrical chimes.

 Benefits: Chime bars have a variety of advantages for younger children. From improving motor skills, hand-eye coordination, listening skills, color and number practice, to learning to sing in tune to simple intervals, there is something for everyone.


Sleigh Bell - A jingle bell, also known as a sleigh bell, is a sort of bell that creates a unique 'jingle' sound when struck in large numbers. They are used as a percussion instrument in a variety of contexts, including the iconic sleigh bell sound and morris dance. They are commonly used as a less expensive alternative to tiny 'traditional' bells.

Benefits: Develop fine and gross motor abilities in children because playing musical instruments improves physical development in a number of ways. It can also help with sensory development because it involves movement, balance, hearing, and touch as your toddler learns to hold and play different instruments.



 What's Included:

  • Wooden tray
  • 11 instruments
  • Items are well  sanded. Some items are coated with non toxic seal and other items are left with natural unfinish wood. 



  • Age: 3+

Warning: Choking Hazard - 

  • This toy contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 3. Please supervise your child at all time when playing with this toy. This is not a teething toy.

Please Note:

  •  It is normal to have some variation in paint color, wood color, and small size variations. Additionally, it is normal for there to be some imperfections in the coating of the paint and/or for the paint to rub off between toys.
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