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Preschool Learn and Play Binder (downloadable file only)

The file has over of 100 pages. 50 fun interactive activities and conversation starter with your little one. Activities may range from easy to difficult level. Once purchase you will get a pdf file on your email and will have lifetime access to the file.  These files includes: 


  1. Name page
  2. Match the body parts
  3. Match the face parts
  4. Five senses
  5. Match your Hands
  6. Match your feet
  7. Lace the shoes
  8. Match the organs
  9. Match the emotion
  10. Match the alphabet
  11. Match the colors
  12. Match the shapes
  13. Trace the line shapes
  14. Learn vowel sound
  15. Learn short vowel sound
  16. Learn long vowel sound
  17. Draw a line and connect fruits
  18. Match the numbers
  19. Match the cookies
  20. Match the math symbols
  21. Count the insect cut
  22. What time is it
  23. Match the fraction
  24. Sorting practice
  25. Match the weather
  26. Match the construction vehicle
  27. Match the safari animals
  28. Line tracing safari animals
  29. Match the ocean animals
  30. Line trace ocean animals
  31. Match the insect
  32. Count and trace addition with insects
  33. Match the dinosaurs
  34. Match the farm animals
  35. Trace the safari animals
  36. Match the planets
  37. Lifecycle and tracing activity (6 pages)
  38. Explanation of each lifecycle (5 pages)
  39. Trace the alphabets (2 pages)
  40. I can brush my teeth activity
  41. Color mixing activity
  42. Let’s learn about solar system (6 pages)
  43. Color the mantis and learn insect anatomy
  44. Color the snail and learn insect anatomy
  45. Color the spider and learn insect anatomy
  46. Let’s learn musical instruments name ( 15 pages)





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